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Our Mission: To Distribute Your Etsy Listings Across the Internet and Increase Your Sales.

StylishHome offers several opportunities to grow your business including:

Etsy Treasury Posting Tool
A powerful method for promoting your work using treasuries.

      --  Post your Etsy treasuries to your blog quickly and easily

      --  Support your team members by profiling their work

      --  Show off every time you’re featured in someone else’s treasury


One of several layout options:


Etsy Treasury


The Etsy Treasury Posting Tool works with all blog platforms including Blogger. If your blog is powered by WordPress there is also a WordPress plugin with identical features.

As part of the StylishHome Team, your products can be featured in:

The StylishHome.com Shopping Catalog
The StylishHome Distributed eCatalog
The StylishHome Etsy Team Store
The StylishHome fabDesign Bookmarks


Shopping Catalog
StylishHome provides consumers with a variety of services to help them outfit and create a great home. We feature home décor and furnishings products from all the best stores, including the most recent handmade and vintage products from Etsy in our shopping catalog
Distributed eCatalog
The eCatalog is designed to meet the changing content consumption habits brought on by tablet readers such as iPad and Kindle Fire with their elegant, “flip-the-page,” magazine-style simplicity. Each issue is assembled with listing suggestions from team members and then posted on team member blogs and other web sites. Distributed locations include ISSUU.com with 1.7 million monthly unique visitors and Scribd.com with 3 million monthly unique visitors (Source: Compete.com, Sept. ‘11). Each issue contains direct links to the listed items on Etsy.
Team Store
Each team member’s store is included in the StylishHome team Store on Etsy. This makes a convenient starting point for consumers to find some of the finest home décor and furnishings sellers on Etsy.
fabDesign Bookmarks
Add as many bookmarks to your Etsy store and individual listings as you like. fabDesign bookmarks create links to your listings on Etsy and each bookmark creates a unique hosted page on StylishHome.
Join the team and get started today!
Curated and then promoted by team members across the internet.



Add bookmark links to your store and individual products.
fabDesign Bookmarks
Grab a Badge
If you have items on StylishHome or have been featured in the catalog feel free to post the featured badge on your blog or website. To get your badge, simply copy the html code in the box below and past it onto your blog or site.
Featured Bade

Copy & Paste

<a href="http://www.stylishhome.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.stylishhome.com/sites/default/files/image/FeaturedBadge125W.jpg" width="125" height=“98" border="0“ alt=“StylishHome” ></a>


Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get my Etsy listings on your site?
The most recent listings on Etsy are displayed automatically in the StylishHome catalog. StylishHome displays listings from Etsy categories that match our categories. For example, we do list furniture, but we don’t list shoes.
How much does it cost?
StylishHome is a free service. Recently-listed items on Etsy are automatically fed into the StylishHome catalog. Taking advantage of other free services on StylishHome, such as creating fabDesign Bookmarks, Idea Files or participating in community areas requires a simple, free registration.
What the heck is an "App" and why does Etsy call you that?
"App" is a catch-all technical term describing any application or “app” that creates a value-added service using the listing data from Etsy. For StylishHome, it simply means we bring in recent Etsy listings and display them in our shopping catalog. The developer community at Etsy is full of companies building useful tools and services (apps) from the Etsy listing data. You can see other apps in the Etsy App Gallery
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What is a fabDesign Bookmark?
Similar to social bookmarking services such as Digg or StumbleUpon, fabDesign Bookmarks are listings of web pages that our users believe other users would enjoy. Unlike the more general social bookmarking sites, ours is focused on Architecture, Interior Design and Product Design and is an excellent place to link to your Etsy store and products as well as browse and find other great products. It only takes a moment to create these links to your store.
Why aren’t all my listings on your site?
StylishHome features the most recent listings in categories matching StylishHome categories. Generally, if your item isn’t in our catalog it likely wasn’t a recent listing on Etsy, or it is in a category such as apparel, that we don’t showcase in the catalog. If you recently created a new listing on Etsy and it isn’t appearing, try back later in the day as the listings are updated a few times each day.
Why didn’t I get the verification email when I registered on StylishHome.com?
When you register with StylishHome as a new user, we send a verification email to complete the process. Generally these arrive in your in-box within a few moments. If you don’t see a confirmation email, please check your spam folder. If you still have trouble, send us a note and we’ll help you out.



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