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Fall Gourds

Fall Style

The Look: Baskets overflowing with fall color. 

Style Tip: A nice basket can be used for many fall occasions.

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Colorful Tablecloth

Tablecloth Primer

The Look: Vibrant colors and classic patterns work all year and bring particular cheer to dark winter days.

Style Tip: Look to real linen for
 the weight necessary to
elegantly drape off the table.

Kitchen Knives

Kitchen Knives

The Look: Forged, high carbon, with riveted handle – this classic look also happens to be the quality play with knives.

Style Tip: The angled wood knife block gives that professional look to your kitchen and protects your fine knives.

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Seasonal Bedding

Seasonal Bedding

The Look: Light and white for summer, dark and flannel for winter… Indulge yourself.

Style Tip: Try a colorful throw at the foot of your bed.

Steam Iron

Iron Out the Wrinkles

The Right Equipment: There is a difference.  Check wattage, ease of filling with water, and auto shut-off.

Style Tip: If it works good, you’ll look good

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Hardwood without Rugs?

The Right Equipment: Here are rugs you can keep a lifetime. A high quality hand knotted rug can last a hundred years. And without them, hardwood just seems cold.

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 Contemporary Lights

Contemporary Lighting

The Right Equipment: A light  like this can define a room.  A great “mid-century” compliment.


Contemporary Sofa

Sofa  Posturing

The Right Equipment: Built to last can mean a lot of things.  Springs, webbing, frame  construction – find a sofa that can take it!


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