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Garnet dangle earrings, 'Sleek Lanterns' (Indonesia)

Garnet dangle earrings, 'Sleek Lanterns' (Ind...

$40.99 - Novica

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We are just about done with the kitchen remodel and it is time to start re-stocking the bar! Margarita glasses not only say, "fun," but also, "let's party!" I think some blue hues in the glasses with go well with the red in our bar island.

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I'm thinking getting my parents a photo album for their anniversary and a few picture frames to go with it. Getting a set to match is kind of hard, but I'm hoping to match them in similar style so a few photos can be displayed next to the album.

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I'm on a roll today and decided to order new stationary. I decided it was time to have a more sophisticated and thoughtful look and a little cute.

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