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ZZ Royal Doulton Dances of the World, Chinese Fan Dance HN 5568

ZZ Royal Doulton Dances of the World, Chinese...

$280.00 $139.99

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Some color and furnishings vaguely influenced by the movie "Sabrina". As it was in black and white, and had settings from Tudor mansion to 50's modern office, you can cover a lot of ground here and still have a match. A fun movie for style!

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William and Kate looked fantastic. Now maybe I'll serve champagne at our next dinner party!

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We are realizing we need to re-stock just about everything with our remodel. I'm loving these corkscrew cocktail shakers. I'll bet with ice they really make the drink cold.

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Waterford, Wedgwood, and Royal Doulton Insights

 Waterford logoHere are three brands that signify the very best in crystal and fine china. Their combined history spans hundreds of years. China and crystal are still considered a prerequisite to a fine home. New brides collect place settings and inspired home owners take the plunge on this most enjoyable of investments. Waterford crystal is distinguished by its craftsmanship and quality, Wedgewood is renowned for its innovative designs, and Royal Doulton is the epitome of English bone china.

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