Member Conduct

Welcome to StylishHome!

Our member conduct guidelines are intended to help you understand what is acceptable and not acceptable within StylishHome, particularly our Community areas. Please take a moment, as a member, to review the conduct guidelines.

The Golden Rule

Be helpful, not hurtful.

Executing the Golden Rule

Be thoughtful and creative. Provide your best ideas and suggestions. Your efforts here will be rewarded a thousand times over.

Be nice. StylishHome is a fun, interesting place to give and receive design help and ideas. Rude, condescending and obnoxious behavior runs counter to this and isn’t tolerated.

If your grandmother, kindergarten teacher, or mother in-law would judge your input as rude, condescending, inappropriate, or obnoxious, then it is. Perception is reality.

Treat one another with respect. There is a real person behind each username.

Knowingly harassing, insulting or abusing another member is unacceptable.

Do not publicly post private information such as email addresses, names of children, conversations, emails, phone numbers, street addresses, or any transaction details about yourself or other members. Use caution and good judgment.

Do not solicit donations or otherwise fund-raise in community spaces.

Do not state political viewpoints in community spaces. This is about interior design, not politics.

Be factual. It is fine to post about a poor experience with a retailer as long as that post is factual and not defamatory. We recommend waiting 24 hours after a bad experience before posting anything. And give credit where credit is due. If you complain and the retailer rectifies the situation, do a follow up post detailing the fix. Be fair. Most times retailers are simply trying to provide good customer service.

Be A Good Netizen

Don’t spam. Postings and ads about other off-topic “opportunities” are not tolerated and will be deleted.

Stay on topic. There are other places on the Internet to talk about that other stuff.

Post in the appropriate sections. Information posted in the wrong section will be moved to the appropriate place without notice.

Don’t misrepresent the source of content. Don’t misrepresent another person or yourself.

Don’t harm or exploit minors in any way.

Don’t manipulate the system in any way, including ranking systems.

Only post information you have the rights to post.

Generally, posted information in the community space is a permanent record. Act accordingly.

Don’t link to off-topic sites.

Comments, links to, pictures of, or other reference to guns, drugs, gambling, pornography, racism, or any illegal activities of any sort are not tolerated.


Don’t make us take action. We despise playing judge and jury.

We will delete anything and ban anyone breaking the rules.

If something isn’t covered by the above, we are the final judge and jury. See The Golden Rule above for guidance.

Oh, and if we suspect illegal activity, it will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency.


These guidelines exist as an informative supplement to our Terms of Service (TOS) and in no way replace the TOS.

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