Etsy Treasury Posting Tool

A powerful method for promoting your work using treasuries.

  • Post your Etsy treasuries to your blog quickly and easily
  • Support your team members by profiling their work
  • Submit treasuries of your work to other blogs and websites
  • Create a mini catalog to post on your site
  • Express your style and taste to potential buyers
  • Share friends’ items
  • Show off every time you’re featured in someone else’s treasury
Each treasury includes links to every item and every store featured, as well as the curator. More links means more traffic to your store!
The tool on this page works on any blogging platform. If you happen to use WordPress, it is also available as a plugin.

Choose from four different display styles:

This example Treasury with a Traditional look includes store and item information beneath each image.

The Images-Only design provides a cleaner look, but still includes "hover-over" info and links to each item.

Our unique Tiled-Image display provides a more stylized look (with links to each item built in).
No matter which version you choose, you decide on the image size, and how many columns to display.
When you’re done creating, our simple-to-use tool generates a custom HTML code snippet that you simply copy and paste wherever you want it. It couldn’t be easier!


  • Copy/Paste the Treasury ID - Go to Etsy and open the Etsy Treasury you want to use and copy the Treasury ID found within the URL for that Treasury. Paste the Treasury ID into the box below.
  • Format to Fit - Choose the display format, image size and number of columns to best fit your blog post or page.
  • Click "submit" – Your Treasury will appear shortly.
  • Grab the Code - Happy with your creation? Then simply copy the HTML code by clicking the “Click here to select code” button and paste it into your blog post, or wherever you want it to appear.


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