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The Perfect Sofa for You

This is tough. A sofa is not just a sofa. Its purchase decision surrounds itself with pressing questions. Is the room situated as you permanently imagine it? Will you reside in your home long enough to warrant a style that is specific to its architecture and size? Are small children or new animals in the offing? Does comfort take precedence over style, or vise versa? Is this the “TV/every night hangout” sofa, or just in the never-used living room? Will you be napping, eating, drinking on this sofa? Do you require a pull out bed? Would a sectional work? How about built-in recliners and drink holders (just kidding I hope!)

There are some classic sofas that, while widely interpreted, are instantly recognizable. One that comes to mind is the Chesterfield. Need I say tufted, leather, rolled arms? This most coveted of sofas has found a place in the modern home. And while now offered in many colors and materials, to land a well-worn chestnut colored leather classic is a true find. And, there are the camelbacks, settees, slippers, and tuxedos to name but a few. But – not quite how it works anymore.

Rather, I would suggest, you look at a sofa as you would a custom tailored suit. Gather your preferred features and you will either find something very close or can have one custom built as many companies offer this service. Let me just say that the sofa is an anchor piece for your living space and great care should be taken in its selection. You will be looking at it for a long time!

Let’s discuss just what those features are:
  1. Dimensions – height, depth, length. 
  2. Cushion style – beginning with the back, there is the “tight back (no cushions), the box cushion (cushion has an extension to go over the arm), a knife cushion (no extension over arm), or throw pillow style. In the case of box cushions, which should match the width of the seat cushions, will you have 1, 2, or 3? 
  3. Arm style – there are armless sofas, roll arm in several configurations, the more contemporary Track and crossover arm.
  4. Tailoring – welted or unwelted cushions and arms.
  5. Base options – Skirted, square leg, tapered leg, concealed leg, turned foot base (with or without castor). 
  6. Cushion material – foam or feathers
  7. Upholstery – leather, fabric… plain, striped, floral, patterned. Maybe a linen slipcover. 

Look through magazines and web sites and you will easily identify each of these features. As you view them, you can check your preferences and ultimately a group will emerge. And that, assuming it is not an abomination, is your sofa! 

One last thing… Green. To go green with your sofa is to find a timeless style constructed in such a manner to live a long life and be worthy of recovering once worn. Buy quality and reuse. Kiln dried hardwood construction, double doweled joints screwed and glued with corner blocks, and an 8 way hand tied spring system. That’s green!

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Re: The Perfect Sofa for You

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Re: The Perfect Sofa for You

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