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Color Trends 2013

Just as the world around us changes, so do the colors used to express ourselves. Looking at 2013 we see steady evolution from the color forecasters. Sustainability and the environment have had huge impact on colors used in recent years; we are now clearly shifting our attention to the future and our environmental and economic stability.


Color Forecast 2013
 Image courtesy Color Marketing Group


Last year, the forecasters were excited by new economic possibilities. Now the theme is really an earnest wanting to have predictability and certainty. At first, this might seem like everyone has abandoned the environment, however, this would be a superficial assumption. Indeed, many of the blue and green hues of recent past are evolving to support both mother earth and our stability. Think less sea foam green and more sky blue. 

StylishHome Primary Palette
Sky and ocean are dominant focuses amongst the forecasters this year, alternating in their view of whether these are stable colors or eco colors. This seems like a fairly pragmatic approach since both are areas of considerable concern to people everywhere. It would seem people are focused now on long-term, durable and healthy ways to grow and live and the palettes we see reflect this viewpoint.
Every year several large trade groups and companies do extensive research and produce color forecasts that are then used by product designers, interior designers and consumers to create coordinated and timely living spaces. We review and recap these forecasts, enabling us to create our palettes based upon the emerging trends we see from the groups. 
Heading into 2013 we see the several-year run of purple continuing to fad a bit to the background. It is still around and very popular but it is no longer a front runner. Our primary palette this year reflects this change and is a bit less energetic and more foundational. The environment is still an underlying component, yet its representation is becoming more sophisticated. One exciting recent development we are observing is the use of more patterns and textures in interior design and the earthy and solid colors in our palettes work very effectively in these new contexts.
Palettes you can leverage in your home project:
StylishHome Primary Palette
StylishHome Primary Palette 2013
The 2012 primary palette can be used with major décor pieces and surface colors.
StylishHome Accent Palette
StylishHome Accent Palette 2013
Accent colors with energy and sophistication.
StylishHome Neutrals Palette
StylishHome Neutrals Palette 2013
Neutrals will be seen in major décor pieces and surface colors.
StylishHome Elegant Palette
StylishHome Elegant Palette 2013
Elegant palette colors are often used in more dramatic presentations.
Use our Color Palette Maker tool to easily create your own unique and highly complimentary palettes. Now a look at the individual forecasters and the trends they see.
Color Marketing Group
Ending their long-time focus on purple, they have joined global movement focusing on blue and green colors that reflect our focus on the environment and renewal. Their pick for 2013 is a clean sky blue they call “Re-Blue.” Re-Blue plays on several lifestyle trends including REnewal, REcycling and REward. With colonial roots, Re-Blue offers an upbeat vibe and stability.
Pantone Home and Interiors for 2013
Their guidance has also moved away from purple and now includes soft orange, gold and blue hues. Pantone selected “Emerald” as the 2013 Color of The Year. It is Pantone #17-5641. They describe it as lively, radiant and lush. We see it falling right in line with other global trends around green and growth, especially with the hint of blue you see in Emerald.


Sherwin-Williams put together several palettes in their 2013 forecast. Similar to last year, most of the colors are natural and earthy. Their “Midnight Mystery” palette is composed of soft earthy grays, browns, greens and blues. It makes an excellent primary palette. Their blue hues this year tend to be a hazy sky blue vs. 2012 which featured numerous clear sky blues. This year also sees Sherwin-Williams forecasting several light purple hues.
We see their color forecast team is right on top of global trends again this year. Last year they were highlighting “take-charge optimism” for 2012 and now for 2013 they are focused on “maturity and elegance.” The shift moves them from a red color of the year to a blue, very similar to other forecasts. Their color for 2013 is “Indigo,” saying that, “this color gives us a sense of tranquility and stability.”
About the Forecasters
Color Marketing Group is a not-for-profit association of color design professionals from over 20 countries that has been making color forecasts for over 45 years. In forming their forecast, their members hold a twice-per-year color conference where they consider influences on color trends such as social issues, politics, the environment, the economy and cultural diversity. Their forecasts are utilized by designers in a variety of industries.
Pantone was founded in 1963 and is an authority on color and color communication and matching systems. They produce the PANTONE VIEW Home, a comprehensive forecasting tool for the home furnishings industry.
Paint Quality Institute was founded in 1989 and operates 14 paint testing facilities throughout the world. They deliver information on paint performance as well as color trends, decorative techniques and innovative new ways to use paint.
RAL is an internationally leading colour standard for all professional users of colours in industry, trade, architecture and design. RAL has been an independent partner to the industry since 1927.
Founded in 1866, Sherwin-Williams is the largest producer of paints and coatings in the United States. Their color consultants have been giving expert advice for over 100 years. Architects and preservationists rely on their historically accurate Preservation Palettes to recreate and remodel historically important projects. Their experts even advised a 1939 conference on bus construction to make school buses yellow.
AkzoNobel, makers of Glidden among many other brands, pride themselves on their trends expertise. Every year they define the latest international colour trends by reviewing findings from research groups, colour marketing, trade and retail exhibitions, and design influences from the worlds of fashion, technology, architecture, music, nature and popular culture. Originally founded in Sweden in 1646, AkzoNobel is the largest paint and coatings company in the world with operations in 80 countries and over 55,000 employees.

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Re: Color Trends 2013

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Re: Color Trends 2013

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Re: Color Trends 2013

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