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Color Trends 2012

The world is changing significantly as we head into 2012 and the color forecasters are evolving their forecasts at an equal pace.


2012 Primary Palette

For several years now, the big and consistent theme driving palette choices was sustainability and the environment. Early on, this meant green and brown hues were dominant. This palette later evolved to include blue, light blue and turquoise.
Today, while we are still concerned with anything eco, we are shifting our attention to the future and the possibilities it carries. Over the past few years, heavily influenced by the global recession, were about retrenchment, simplification and a return to core values. Now, as the economies begin to slowly rebound, we are excited by a world of new possibilities.
Several large trade groups and companies do extensive research every year and produce color forecasts that are then used by product designers, interior designers and consumers to create coordinated and timely living spaces. By reviewing and recapping these forecasts we’re able to create palettes based upon the emerging trends we see from the groups.
In 2009, purple moved from the fashion world to home design and it still has a presence in our palettes, although with a bit less impact. While far from being “out,” purple is in the mature phase of the color cycle. Even more dramatically we’re seeing a move away from the bright cultural colors from around the world to more refined bright accent colors.
For several years now we’ve called our primary palette the “green” palette to reflect its strong eco-friendly nature. This year we’ve gone back to calling it the primary palette, not because there is less focus on the environment and sustainability, but rather because we see the green influence now spread across all the palettes.  It’s especially apparent in neutrals, where we see the influence of beach sand, driftwood, and other organic materials.
For 2012, there is optimism and with it a higher level of sophistication being used. We see this most noticeably in the reds and oranges that bring out more texture and richness and less eye-popping brightness.
Palettes you can leverage in your home project:
StylishHome Primary Palette
The 2012 primary palette can be used with major décor pieces and surface colors.
StylishHome Accent Palette
2012 Accent Palette
Accent colors with energy and sophistication.
StylishHome Neutrals Palette
2012 Neutrals Palette
Neutrals will be seen in major décor pieces and surface colors.
StylishHome Elegant Palette
2012 Elegant Palette
Elegant palette colors are often used in more dramatic presentations.
Color Marketing Group
Continuing their long play on purple, their pick for 2012 is a deep rich purple or “Boyz-N-Berry” as they call it. It is on the reddened side of purple and is lush and sophisticated. It can be paired with black or white to dramatic effect.
Pantone Home and Interiors for 2012
Pantone’s guidance emphasizes bright purple with lime greens and dark blues. Dark blue is becoming the new black. The neutrals are becoming more colorful. Pantone selected “Tangerine Tango” as their 2012 Color of The Year. It is Pantone #17-1463. The reddish-orange color provides the energy boost we need to move forward.
Paint Quality Institute
The Institute is seeing interior home colors strongly influenced by the great American outdoors. Think deep ocean blue, bright blue sky, asparagus green violet and majestic purple mountains. Black and white is also going to be strong as well as black and white in patterns. Patterns are seen as the big new trend for 2012.
For 2012 Sherwin-Williams is seeing earth tones throughout the neutral palette with an infusion of grains, pebbles, weathered wood and earthy clay. Sophisticated and rich shades of red, purple and orange fit well in a primary palette. Their blues remind you of faded American denim and their greens remind you of seaweed, rooftop gardens and algae.
The color forecast team is highlighting “take-charge optimism” for 2012. This “translates into full bodied hues with lots of character and meaning, but also into tender, hushed pastels, chic neutrals and edgy brights.” Their color of the year is “a blushing, lively, juicy red.” Identified as hexadecimal number B83844, it’s a sophisticated red that matches very well with green, light blue and purple hues. Dark blue is used as a sophisticated black.
About the Forecasters
Color Marketing Group is a not-for-profit association of color design professionals from over 20 countries that has been making color forecasts for over 45 years. In forming their forecast, their members hold a twice-per-year color conference where they consider influences on color trends such as social issues, politics, the environment, the economy and cultural diversity. Their forecasts are utilized by designers in a variety of industries.
Pantone was founded in 1963 and is an authority on color and color communication and matching systems. They produce the PANTONE VIEW Home, a comprehensive forecasting tool for the home furnishings industry.
Paint Quality Institute was founded in 1989 and operates 14 paint testing facilities throughout the world. They deliver information on paint performance as well as color trends, decorative techniques and innovative new ways to use paint.
RAL is an internationally leading colour standard for all professional users of colours in industry, trade, architecture and design. RAL has been an independent partner to the industry since 1927.
Founded in 1866, Sherwin-Williams is the largest producer of paints and coatings in the United States. Their color consultants have been giving expert advice for over 100 years. Architects and preservationists rely on their historically accurate Preservation Palettes to recreate and remodel historically important projects. Their experts even advised a 1939 conference on bus construction to make school buses yellow.
AkzoNobel, makers of Glidden among many other brands, pride themselves on their trends expertise. Every year they define the latest international colour trends by reviewing findings from research groups, colour marketing, trade and retail exhibitions, and design influences from the worlds of fashion, technology, architecture, music, nature and popular culture. Originally founded in Sweden in 1646, AkzoNobel is the largest paint and coatings company in the world with operations in 80 countries and over 55,000 employees.








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