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Color Trends 2010

Heading into 2010, the color forecasters are seeing a marked change in direction from recent years with an evolution in how we express being green and more attention to resourcefulness, transformation and reclaiming our values.
Each year trade groups and companies extensively research and develop color forecasts to help product designers, interior designers and consumers create coordinated living spaces. We then research and recap these forecasts and create color palettes based upon the emerging trends we see from the groups.
Last year we saw purple move from the fashion world into the home design world and this is picking up full speed going into 2010 with purple hues having a strong presence in all our palettes. Last year saw international cultures influence the accents whereas this year we are seeing much more focus on tradition and value, driven of course by the global recession.  Many hues this year are infused with grays making them solid and more timeless. Last year we renamed the earth tone palette to the green palette to better encapsulate the shift towards blue hues in this large and long term trend. This year the march towards blue continues with more translucent blues and turquoise.
 Palette’s you can leverage in your home project:
StylishHome Green Palette
StylishHome 2010 Green Palette
The 2010 green palette can be used with major décor pieces and surface colors.
StylishHome Accent Palette
StylishHome 2010 Accent Palette
Accent colors with tradition, value and style.
StylishHome Neutrals Palette
StylishHome 2010 Neutrals Palette
Neutrals will be seen in major décor pieces and surface colors.
StylishHome Elegant Palette
StylishHome 2010 Elegant Palette
Elegant palette colors are often used in more dramatic presentations.
Color Marketing Group
The next hot color for 2010 is grape, or “Mardi Grape” to be exact. It is a deep rich purple with hints of brown and gray. The color has been a hit in the fashion world and is now set to be the “year’s biggest star for everything else.” Purple has been a very strong trend for some time now. Other colors forecast to be strong in 2010 include red with shades of pink, orange, yellow with hints of green, saturated blue, beige-brown to complement darker hues and neutral gray with a touch of purple.
Pantone Color of the Year for 2010
Heading into 2010, Pantone has chosen Turquoise as the color of the year for 2010. “Turquoise evokes thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and a languorous, effective escape from the everyday troubles of the world, while at the same time restoring our sense of wellbeing.” The actual color is Pantone 15-5519 Turquoise.
Paint Quality Institute
The Institute is seeing a lot of homeowners doing smaller and simpler remodeling projects and for those, they are recommending a palette of colors that includes “honey-like hues such as tan or pale gold, coral, yellow and mineral-grey.” The Institute is also recommending several colors for room ceilings, perhaps a lighter shade of the wall color, or dark tones in a bedroom, bathroom or to “warm up” a family room. For these you might try a midnight blue, eggplant or wine.
For 2010 Sherwin-Williams is seeing a strong tribal influence. Theirs is a look back at the oldest cultures to find safety in today’s complicated world. The blues, browns, rusts and grays impress us as a sort of cultural earth tone. Their sophisticated palette includes blue grays. Their accent palette, called “Refreshed,” includes purple, blue green, coral and rich gold.
AkzoNobel (formerly ICI Paints)
The message from the color forecast team at AkzoNobel is “reclamation”. Similar to other forecasters, they see the turbulent financial markets and global warming driving a need to “re-establish those values and qualities that are enduring, true and solid.” It means taking responsibility for our own destiny. “In keeping with our overall theme of ‘Reclaim’, we are looking towards the qualities of truth, integrity, openness and hope. The Colour of the Year is an airy and optimistic blue that symbolizes infinite horizons, new beginnings, renewed energy and a positive dynamic.” We see it as a somewhat translucent baby blue. They also see a trend in new materials they call “fluid fantasy” that has saturated hues of reds, purples, pinks, yellows and turquoises. Think polymers and resins here. “Vivid pastels and almost fluorescent, energetic optical effects explode, irradiate and shine – this kinetic approach to colour signifies a detox from the depression that has undermined our spirits.” Their “basic beliefs” trend draws from our need to rebuild trust as our institutions and society evolve. This palette has blues and purples. They see an elegant trend they call, “sweet memory,” which revisits the classics and their palette includes purples and blue grays. Other trends include pink reds, yellows, grays, blue greens icy blues and violets.
About The Forecasters
Color Marketing Group is a not-for-profit association of color design professionals from over 20 countries that has been making color forecasts for over 45 years. In forming their forecast, their members hold a twice-per-year color conference where they consider influences on color trends such as social issues, politics, the environment, the economy and cultural diversity. Their forecasts are utilized by designers in a variety of industries.
Pantone was founded in 1963 and is an authority on color and color communication and matching systems. They produce the PANTONE VIEW Home, a comprehensive forecasting tool for the home furnishings industry.
Paint Quality Institute was founded in 1989 and operates 14 paint testing facilities throughout the world. They deliver information on paint performance as well as color trends, decorative techniques and innovative new ways to use paint.
RAL is an internationally leading colour standard for all professional users of colours in industry, trade, architecture and design. RAL has been an independent partner to the industry since 1927.
Sherwin-Williams, founded in 1866, is the largest producer of paints and coatings in the United States. Their color consultants have been giving expert advice for over 100 years. Architects and preservationists rely on their historically accurate Preservation Palettes to recreate and remodel historically important projects. Their experts even advised a 1939 conference on bus construction to make school buses yellow.
AkzoNobel (formerly ICI Paints which was acquired by AkzoNobel), makers of Glidden among many other brands, pride themselves on their trends expertise. Every year they define the latest international colour trends by reviewing findings from research groups, colour marketing and trade and retail exhibitions, and design influences from the worlds of fashion, technology, architecture, music, nature and popular culture. Originally founded in Sweden in 1646, AkzoNobel is the largest paint and coatings company in the world with operations in 80 countries and over 57,000 employees.
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