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Color Trends 2007

Every year trade industry groups and companies spend a great deal of time and energy researching and developing color forecasts to help product designers, interior designers and consumers create coordinated living spaces. We research and recap these forecasts and then create color palettes based upon the emerging trends from these groups.
For 2007 there is a great deal of consensus among forecasters and the dominate theme is clearly Earth Tones. Being green is the thing and earth tones reflect this desire.
StylishHome Earth Tone Palette
The Earth Tone palette for 2007 will help drive major décor pieces and surface colors.
StylishHome Accent Palette
Accent colors will be used more sparingly to add punch.
StylishHome Neutrals Palette
Neutrals will be seen in major décor pieces and surface colors.
StylishHome Elegant Palette
Elegant palette colors are often used in more dramatic presentations.
Color Marketing Group
The group is forecasting that colors in 2007 will come down to earth with greens inspired by nature, blues from nature such as water and sky, some new neutrals such as medium and dark browns, the beige, brown and tan neutrals will evolve to be more earthy and grounded. “Deep, rich ethnic reds and warm, glow-y oranges are the ‘punch’ colors for 2007.
Pantone Home Furnishings Color Forecast
Pantone has organized their 2007 forecast into 8 palettes covering all aspects of your decorating needs. The Simply Elegant palette marries traditional and modern day where new textiles and fabrication meet to enable unexpected mixes and textures. Colors include mahogany and silvered mink, silvery blues, elegant purples, deep bronzed tones set off by the glint of pale gold, frosty almond and copper. The Classic Chic palette is a mix of timeless colors including grays, silver, champagne, and black and white. The Lumens palette, often with shiny surfaces, includes blues, emerald and opaline greens, vibrant rose, metallic silver and bright white. The Melange palette brings back memories of the late 1960s and early 1970s with melon, apricot, strawberry, toasty tan, vibrant poppy red, vivacious yellow, blue, and balanced with a khaki. The Au Naturale palette includes the organic colors of beige, tans, gray, mellow browns, shaded rose, and a denim-like blue. The Grass Roots palette brings the green theme, the wood tones, mineral blue, grape, rose and terra cotta. The Fresh Air palette has inventive colors such as green pesto, vibrant yellow, cyclamen pink, purple, violet, sky blue and snow whites. The Light Touch palette rounds out the Pantone forecast and includes the pastel updates of silvery gray, champagne and rosy taupe.
Pantone has selected PANTONE 19-1557 Chili Pepper, a deep, spicy red, as the color of the year for 2007. “In a time when personality is reflected in everything from a cell phone to a Web page on a social networking site, Chili Pepper connotes an outgoing, confident, design-savvy attitude.”
Paint Quality Institute
The Institute says 2007 will see comfort colors such as “biscuit and wheat neutrals, cocoa brown, pumpkin orange and cinnamon apple pie”. These are “comfort colors that will wrap a room with warmth and promote a stress-free space.” Comfort colors work well in kitchens and family rooms.
The back to nature theme is also forecast with, “yellows and blues, leaf-like greens, along with organic browns combine to bring the outdoors in. Add translucency and a glass-like quality by incorporating varying paint sheen levels. As a subtle accent color, add rust or copper-like metallics into the scheme.”
There will also be stark contrasts in 2007, “from clean, clear reds and deep plums to the sophistication of black and white, this color group works both as an accent and as an elegant backdrop for many living spaces.”
RAL Colour Feeling
RAL is forecasting four trends. Chic Coastline includes light blue and sand shades inspired by a walk along the beach. Sweetened Structures includes shadowy pastels. Earthy Place include the colors of our earth rich in contrast. Classic Experience colors are expressive.
The paint experts at Sherwin-Williams foresee 5 palettes in 2007 for your interior home. The Balanced Living palette is focused on natural elements with clean pastoral hues. The Sultry Origins palette contains global ethnic origins and bold spice-infused colors. The Understated Elegance palette contains sophisticated neutral colors. Here is where artisan pottery compliments high-end furniture. The Virtual Re-Mix palette integrates past and present and will help you relive the 1960s. The Kinetic Contrasts palette has high energy with intense contrasting color accents. It works well with contemporary art.
ICI Paints 2007 Color of the Year
The color chosen by their group of color experts is dark masculine pink they call “Movie Star”. "Movie Star captures the essence of 2007 by representing the spirit of adventure and sophistication that currently dominates our culture”.
About The Forecasters
Color Marketing Group is a not-for-profit association of color design professionals from over 20 countries. In forming their forecast, their members hold a twice-per-year color conference where they consider influences on color trends such as social issues, politics, the environment, the economy and cultural diversity. Their forecasts are utilized by designers in a variety of industries.
Pantone was founded in 1963 and is an authority on color and color communication and matching systems. They produce the PANTONE VIEW Home, a comprehensive forecasting tool for the home furnishings industry.
Paint Quality Institute was founded in 1989 and operates 14 paint testing facilities throughout the world. They deliver information on paint performance as well as color trends, decorative techniques and innovative new ways to use paint.
RAL is an internationally leading colour standard for all professional users of colours in industry, trade, architecture and design. RAL has been an independent partner to the industry since 1927.
Sherwin-Williams, founded in 1866, is the largest producer of paints and coatings in the United States. Their color consultants have been giving expert advice for over 100 years. Architects and preservationists rely on their historically accurate Preservation Palettes to recreate and remodel historically important projects. Their experts even advised a 1939 conference on bus construction to make school buses yellow.
ICI Paints, makers of Glidden among many other brands, prides themselves on their trends expertise. Every year they define the latest international colour trends by reviewing findings from research groups, colour marketing and trade and retail exhibitions, and design influences from the worlds of fashion, technology, architecture, music, nature and popular culture.
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The PANTONE color is likely the most perfect color to us eon any interior design themes. t brings the whole views light color and lively.


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