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The 2010 red dot design awards for Architecture and Interior Design

The international “red dot design award” is the largest and most renowned design competition in the world with over 12,000 submissions from over 60 countries. We like watching their Architecture and Interior Design category since it usually provides a good look at upcoming trends in both design and materials. The winners this year were exception with several innovations. Here’s a few that caught our eye.
Ornilux Mikado Bird Protective Glass
Spiders protect their webs from birds with a special UV-light reflecting silk. Birds can see the UV reflections which they use to avoid flying into the spider webs. Now engineers have developed a way to modify glass so birds can see glass panes and avoid them just like they avoid spider webs. The glass has a special coating that is barely visible to humans. With a strong back light you can see the random placement of “sticks” which the birds see. We think this innovative building material will really help you make your home one with nature.
Clear Bird Protective Glass       Highly Back Illuminated Bird Protective Glass    
Bio Glass
Just in time for the next evolution of “green”, this glass can be used for flooring, countertops, partitions, facades and other decorative surfaces. It is 100% recycled glass from wine, beer and water bottles and is itself 100% recyclable. The patterned layers are made by pressing and fusing hot broken pieces, reflecting light in unique ways.
Green Bio Glass 
Artificial Alabaster Stone
This stone is hand made from alabaster and the stone grains are created by master artisans. This translucent material softens light and we think you’ll see more and more of it as architects and designers develop innovative lighting ideas.

Alabaster Stone

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Re: The 2010 red dot design awards for Architecture and ...

You probably needs a printed copy in digital format of your reference materials, you can check it here for example.

Re: The 2010 red dot design awards for Architecture and ...

This looks unique glass panels than of the clear one,, is this safe and strong that of clear glass? I need to buy glass panels to repair my glass doors that I bought years ago at Caldwells door shop, here is their website I understand they expanded their business at this address 2070 Newcomb Avenue, Unit B, San Francisco, CA 94124. Though a little miles away from me,, just thinking to buy a glass panels instead to do the repair instead of buying a new one again from them.

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