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Winter Collection Catalog

StylishHome Launches eCatalog Issue 1 - The Winter Handmade and Vintage Collection.

Tablet computers such as the iPad, Kindle Fire, and dozens of others, have quickly become “must have” tools for reading, gaming, movie watching, running apps, socializing and of course, couch surfing. In addition, there are some fantastic publishing platforms that have emerged to allow browsing with an elegant, “flip-the-page,” magazine-style simplicity. These can improve viewing even on your old tired desktop! As many have concluded… there’s going to be a lot of shopping done on these devices and via these publishing tools. 

Our new eCatalog, “StylishHome”, is designed for maximum impact in this new landscape. With magazine quality layout and linked content throughout, shopping is effortless. It’s not a blog, and it’s not a standard online shopping catalog… it is a 27 page collection of products brought together in an editorial fashion to create excitement like a great magazine does.  And it’s the first of many to come.



The PDF file is available here to open and view, or post to your own blog or website to offer for viewing there. The eCatalog is also installed and featured at with an audience of 1.7 million unique monthly visitors, with 3 million unique monthly visitors, and various home décor blogs. 
StylishHome and Etsy
The Winter Handmade and Vintage Collection features entirely Etsy sourced products. The Etsy website facilitates the forming of teams for collaboration, sharing, and promotion. Members of the Etsy Team, StylishHome, provide lists of their favorite Etsy products from which this collection is assembled. 
Separate from the new eCatalog, Etsy products can be found throughout the shopping catalog. Shown right along side the mass produced counterparts, Etsy handmade and vintage products are presented right at the point the shopper is considering a purchase.

To learn more about the StylishHome Etsy Team, visit our Etsy Welcome Page.

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Re: Winter Collection Catalog

This cover design is like a digital print that you can see from here

Re: Winter Collection Catalog

I am in need a catalog that tackles and offers every types of doors. Just like the list from, shown all in their business site but in print catalog. Is etsy or any other home building and furniture stores have those type of catalogs?

Re: Winter Collection Catalog

Christmas is approaching nearly, and the cards, posters and any printable materials pertaining to holiday is now on demand. A catalog, perhaps is most sought to be the effective guide on holiday shopping. For quality print design and layout for catalog and any print materials, see


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