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Vintage Tablecloths and Tea Towels – StylishHome’s Weekly Etsy Finds

This week we’re featuring vintage decor for the kitchen. These would all add taste and style to your table and make it unique. Each piece is from an aficionado found on Etsy.
More like a painting than a tea towel, these fall colors are great for changing the color accents in a room.  
Tea Towel in Fall Colors
This 1940s tablecloth brings back memories from a simpler time. You can almost smell Grandma’s apple pie cooling. 
1940s Tablecloth
A classic hand-crocheted pineapple tablecloth could go on a dining room table or it would look great on a large side table with a warm lamp. 
Hand-Crocheted Pineapple Tablecloth
Red and gray flowers make for a nice pop of red for the holidays. Your salad will look terrific on this.  
Tablecloth with Red and Gray Flowers
This light tablecloth with lots of white space and festive spring flowers would look great on Mother’s Day.  
  Vintage Light Floral Tablecloth
Delicate buttercup yellow tea towels are begging for a small plate of lemon cake. 
Buttercup Yellow Tea Towels
Don’t let the burlap fool you. This is a digital image perfect for creating a vintage tea towel. It transfers to your favorite material. OK, so it isn’t vintage, but it has a vintage look and we think it’s very cool.  
Vintage Tea Towel Image
The colors in the tea towel are exceptional and would complement a variety of centerpieces and décor. We like the classy vintage look. 
Tea Towel with Tea Pot Image
These quintessential French towels are from an expat living in France. These are really classic French. Bread anyone?

Classic French Towels


Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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Re: Vintage Tablecloths and Tea Towels – StylishHome’s ...

All very beautiful! Thanks for adding my tea towel! You've inspired me to get busy and get some more of my towels listed! Karen KarenzChatter

Re: Vintage Tablecloths and Tea Towels – StylishHome’s ...

The prints are great cool designs, they are best also when done in digital format in various forms, and specially if done via

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