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Urban Vibe - StylishHome's Weekly Etsy Finds

You know that sushi restaurant you like, the one down in the warehouse district with the cool vibe? Now you can get that look for your own place. This week we are creating an urban vibe with handmade items found on Etsy.
We found the feel we wanted captured in this photo taken at a restaurant in Melbourne by photographer ”avlxyz.”


Urban Vibe Restaurant

Impressed with the dark areas and wood tones, we created a color palette that would allow us to introduce and match a few different colors and décor items. We started with a dark and intense blue hue to complement the wood, and then added green and reds to work with the blue. With the palette in hand, we found these items to make your dining area relaxed, sophisticated, industrial and highly unique. Just like the restaurant.

Urban Vibe Etsy Picks

Here’s what the artisans had to say about their pieces:
Claylight Cluster 
“The Claylight Cluster is composed of three perforated egg-shaped clay pendants hung from a round clay ceiling plate. The clay eggs and plate, by ceramic artist Sharan Elran, are made of twice burned raw white clay.”
Handmade Scrap Metal Media Cabinet
“This is about 90% recycled metal that I had to derust and weld several pieces together just to get one in some cases. This is what gives it so much character. I took metal no one wanted and gave it another life.”
Steel and Walnut "Rail Yard" Coffee Table 
“I use recycled steel when available and even the new steel that I use is produced from mostly recycled material. Fabricated using 14 gauge plate steel which is hand-sanded, and hand-finished with a dark patina and clear coat. The raw imperfections in the steel are visible, which adds drama and texture without distraction.”
Huff House Chair 
“Welded, blended, and fabricated by hand from heavy duty A-36 structural steel. Dark metallic grey powder coat finish with recessed seat and back slats of rustic American red oak.”
Handmade Scrap Metal Industrial Side Table 
“This is obviously heavy duty and built to last a lifetime. It is all steel and full of steel rivets. I put a black chemical patina all over them and then burnish the entire table which kind of polishes the lighter spots. I put a clear sealer on all my metal that has a ten year exterior warranty, so if you have it inside it will last forever.”
The Titan Reclaimed Wood Bench
“Raw, but refined, this unique bench showcases the reclaimed wood beam’s years of experience, yet has a smooth, silky finish.”
Wall Tentacle
“All of my tentacles are handmade, no two are exactly alike, but the general size and, you know, awesomeness, remain constant.”
Purple Medusa - Glass Chandelier
“This is a handmade chandelier. I hand blow each piece by hand. It includes all electrical necessary (UL listed parts), including your choice of either halogen or LED bulbs.”

Urban Vibe Palette

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Re: Urban Vibe - StylishHome's Weekly Etsy Finds

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Re: Urban Vibe - StylishHome's Weekly Etsy Finds

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