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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Kitchen Lovers

There are endless things to buy for a kitchen. Any walk through a Williams-Sonoma or Sur la Table will attest to that. At the same time, a walk through your assigned gift recipient’s kitchen will usually reveal some obvious missing essentials (from the aficionado’s standpoint.)
It is often the case that the most cherished items are those that have achieved a certain “classic” designation, whether it be the Henkel knife or the Cuisinart food processor. To get anything of significance can be expensive, however. But we’ve tried to cover the spectrum here with our 10 selected items. 
Without further ado: 

1.  A Pepper Grinder. It doesn’t need to be battery operated nor does it need to be 2 feet tall. But French is nice and this classic model from Perfex is subtle, effective, and stands at a mere 4 ½”. Professional chefs love this when the real work is happening. The front loading hopper makes recharging simple. There is a matching Salt grinder also available.   Approx $85

2.  Le Creuset Dutch oven. With all the stainless these days, buying anything that’s flaming orange, cobalt blue or Kelly green seems undignified. But, slow cooking is a wonderful thing and nothing does it better than a cast iron, enamel coated Dutch oven. And Le Creuset has been around since 1925. Its mere existence after so many years should tell you something. They will use it once a week and think of you each and every time. About $250.

3.  The lowly Dish Towel. Is it just me, or does a cheap dish towel gotten at the dollar store have the effect of destroying an otherwise well appointed kitchen? I happen to think it does. And, at the risk of going entirely French here, it’s hard to argue that the French farmhouse look when it comes to towels just looks serious. Help your gift recipient achieve “Iron Chef” status! About $10-$15 each. 


4.  A Tea Kettle. I like a cup of tea at night. Don’t you? Well – the kettle on the boil should be one that looks good on the stove all day long. Here’s a classic, albeit modern – the Alessi Michael Graves. Even in a traditional kitchen, it speaks to good taste. Approx. $175


5.  Wine Glasses for the “big” reds. As you can see – I’m standing on tradition here, and in the wine glass category, that must go to the brand “Riedel.” Specifically, the Riedel Vinums. Their glasses are of different sizes and shapes depending on the varietal. Might I suggest the Cab/Bordeaux? If you want to go all out, throw in a set of the Vinum Chardonnay for whites. Done. Approx. $150 for set of 8.


6.  The French Press. Even if they have the slickest of automatic espresso machines, there are days when “brewed” coffee is preferred. And for that, the French Press is the quintessential solution. It looks cool and makes wonderful coffee. Use a coarse grind and let it steep for 3-4 minutes. Alrighty then! About $30


7.  The “Sommelier’s” Wine Opener. A small thing – yes. But many you find are cheap and uncomfortable to the hand. This is heavy duty and works well. But also understated. No major appliance required to open a wine bottle.  A slightly revisited version of the classic, this version by Peugeot is just different enough to make it special. About $30.


8.  A Pie Pan to end all Pie Pans. This heavy duty number from All-Clad just makes a better pie. Its heavy duty construction distributes heat evenly and always maintains its shape.  We believe it will encourage pie making. And what could be wrong with that? About $55. 


9.  A quality Digital Thermometer (in this case Taylor brand). Something you always wish you had right when you need it. It may not initially get the oohs and aahs that other gifts do, but when they deliver that perfectly done piece of salmon or the medium-rare T-bone that they’ve probably fouled up many times before – they might just think of you! About $25.

10.  Kitchen Shears. Many a knife block has a slot for kitchen shears. Whether you’re opening a package, clipping some herbs, or opening a bottle, these chef style shears are suitable to be there – in the block – for those times when you don’t want to search the house for what ends up being hair scissors! About $30.

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Re: Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Kitchen Lovers

Aside from these regular materials, I am thinking to use unique facility like furniture and cabinet with glass door. I have consider getting soon at

Re: Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Kitchen Lovers

A friend of mine was engaged in his kitchen renovation before Christmas so i gifted her oak kitchen cabinets to replace the old one. Her renovation is complete now and the kitchen looks beautiful.

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