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The Most Stunning Home in a Major Motion Picture. And the Oscar goes to…

If there were such an Oscar, here are ten movies dating back to 1953 we’ve selected as worthy of the title. Have certain movies inspired your decorative spirit?

Beautiful settings go hand-in-hand with great movies. And so, there is no shortage of award-worthy contenders. Thrillers, romantic comedies, love stories and even some action movies can have much of the filming take place in the specially created home. Comment on your favorites or suggest your own winners.

And the winners are…
1.  North by Northwest - This Hitchcock thriller is thought to feature an original Frank Lloyd Wright home. However, it was actually a home constructed on the movie lot to resemble a Wright design. Wright was very popular at the time. Also shown is a fairly new United Nations General Assembly building, and Mount Rushmore. A beautiful, highly stylized movie.

So 50's inspired colors and furnishings typical of the movie.


2.  Something’s Gotta Give

This movie entertains like a Broadway play with the most lush, shingled, Hamptons seaside home as star of the show. You’ll want to stop the action to examine the furnishings. Fantastic.


The pieces are relatively easy to find... the art is in putting them all together in a room.  But, this color palette would make anything look good!


3.  The Lake House

Arguably not the greatest movie, but the glass house over the lake is magical. As Hollywood would have it – the lake house was built for the movie and later disassembled.


There were very few scenes from which to base furnishings, but some modern with a beautiful antique carpet fits the bill quite nicely.  Colors were taken from the natural surroundings and materials. 


4.  Out of Africa

I know… an unusual pick. But Karen Blixen’s low-slung, large-porched, savanna home - filled with teak and chintz… transport it to any arid climate or seaside setting and let the romance begin.


The porch is beautiful, but going inside, you can see the British influence and their daily comfort requirements.  Colors came primarily from the furnishings and fabrics. 


5.  Sabrina

Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn… need I say more. Rich man at fine estate falls for chauffeur’s daughter. If you’re not in the mood for a mansion… the carriage house will do just fine. And I like the car!


The black and white film didn't help, but with some references to the period and the mix of modern at the office and traditional at the home, many things work.  If you've seen the movie, you'll know why the champagne flutes were a must. 


6.  Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Holly Golightly’s apartment is nothing over the top. But not having a brownstone on this list would be a major omission. A tough call with Woody Allen and Hitchcock movies in the running. But this is such a tender movie and one that recalls a life of where we live taking precedence over how we live.


This one is an easy look.  Bold colors and sixties temperament. Holly was not a simple girl, but her apartment tended to be. 


7.  The Talented Mr. Ripley

From expensive apartments in Rome to beautiful seaside Italian villas, this movie is truly a feast for the eyes.


A bit from the villa, a bit from Rome.  Elegant and coastal.  And, the great Meditteranean colors. 


8.  It’s Complicated

If you’ve been to Santa Barbara, where this is purported to take place, you will know the vibe this movie gives. The Spanish architecture, the perfect balance of style and whimsy… and – a fun romantic comedy, if that interests you!

Nothing would look bad in this place.  The setting is too fine.  The beautiful balance was attained by not swinging to hard to any one style.  For color - only the terra cotta has been omitted. 


9.  The Thomas Crown Affair

I reference the Pierce Brosnan release. Every place this guy lives is a dream. Beautiful New York residence, Martinique private island home, sleek high rise office, Metropolitan Museum. The art, the furnishings, the magnificence.


10.  Seabiscuit

A home and stable for the finest Kentucky horse farm, and a model for every country gentleman wannabe in Colorado, Montana, or Sun Valley. Not sure where the real ranch ends, and the studio begins, but this is a place to live.


We have selected furnishings and colors that recreate the look of each movie using the StylishHome IdeaFile. Use it to assemble your own furnishings and colors for either a movie here, or your own favorite.  Or just give us a comment with your thoughts.
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Re: The Most Stunning Home in a Major Motion Picture. And ...

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