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Summer Wedding Catalog

StylishHome Launches eCatalog Issue 3 – Summer Weddings with Handmade and Vintage.

This 3rd eCatalog is really a “primer” that explores how handmade and vintage can make your wedding that much more unique… uncommon… artful – anything but pedestrian! The Etsy Team - StylishHome went all out by not only presenting their own “wedding appropriate” offerings, but helped to discover so many other great things from the larger Etsy universe.

The PDF file is available here to open and view, or post to your own blog or website to offer for viewing there. In magazine format, the catalog is also installed and featured at and for iPad,
While wedding related items have always been a part of Etsy, they have more recently organized all things “wedding” into a comprehensive collection. At the same time, their identifying (and ours!) of trends and fashions for your wedding would rival any glossy magazine. 
Of course, a big part of a wedding is gifts. This has historically centered around “registries” that allow the couple to select all the things they will need to set up house, providing friends and family with some “safe bets” and avoiding the 3 coffee maker/4 toaster scenario.  But – times have certainly changed. While there are still young couples just setting up house, more often than not, the wedding marks the joining of established households – making the selecting of gifts a lot more challenging. Furthermore – everyone hopes they get the new couple a gift that will truly be special and cherished. And so, whether utilizing the Etsy registry, or as a fantastic destination to find something totally unexpected, may we point you to some select items, some unusually beautiful trinkets… some unforgettable bling.

Our eCatalog, ”StylishHome,” is designed for maximum impact in the new landscape of tablet computers such as the iPad, Kindle Fire, and others, and is optimized for new publishing platforms that allow browsing with an elegant, “flip-the-page,” magazine-style simplicity. Even on an old tired desktop, you will enjoy it more. With magazine-quality layout and linked content throughout, shopping is effortless. It’s not a blog, and it’s not a standard online shopping catalog… it is a 23 page collection of curated products brought together in an editorial fashion to create excitement like a great magazine does. 

StylishHome and Etsy
The “Summer Weddings with Handmade and Vintage” features entirely Etsy sourced products. Separate from the new eCatalog, Etsy products can be found throughout the shopping catalog. Shown alongside the mass-produced counterparts, Etsy handmade and vintage products are presented right at the point the shopper is considering a purchase. 

To learn more about the StylishHome Etsy Team, visit our Etsy Welcome Page 

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Re: Summer Wedding Catalog

How about the interior designs catalog, or furniture perhaps. Have you done cataloging this kind of dining table

Re: Summer Wedding Catalog

I wish this is the catalog format that the could work on to their flyers and brochures. Seems good in layout ideas.

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