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Paintings – StylishHome’s Weekly Etsy Finds

Paintings offer a fantastic way to update a look or set a new mood in your home. This week I’m highlighting inspiring original paintings in a variety of styles. Each piece is from an artist found on Etsy.  
Called “Path to Enlightenment,” the three panels add another dimension to this highly textured painting. I think it would make a fantastic addition to a home office or any sitting area where you like to read. The abstract patterns are very soothing.
Path to Enlightenment Painting
I really like how the artist also displayed her work in a home setting, showing how much the painting adds to the atmosphere. Nice touch.
Painting Showcased
Here’s another painting that took my mind to another place. “Secluded Pond” makes me just want to sit down and write a book. And also note the text over the painting is just a watermark.
Secluded Pond Painting
Maybe because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but “Half Dozen” is a really creative portrayal. And the deep red hues can really draw the eye from across the room.
Half Dozen Painting
Inspired by summers in Europe, “A book and Some Sunshine” took me right to the meadow. You can almost hear the birds chirping.
A Book and Some Sunshine Painting
There is something about “Grapes” that make them look wet. Terrific effect and it makes me hungry. It would look great in a hallway leading to the kitchen.
Grapes Painting
Here’s another soothing portrayal of summer in “Cottage”. You just want to spend a weekend at that house. Maybe spend an hour rowing nearby.

Cottage Painting

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Re: Paintings – StylishHome’s Weekly Etsy Finds

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