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Handmade Glass Bowls – StylishHome’s Weekly Etsy Finds

Glass bowls and plates add fantastic colors, shapes, and designs to your decor.  This week we’re highlighting handmade glass bowls. These can be functional, art or both, but either way they make great conversation starters. Each piece is from an artisan found on Etsy.
This bowl, “Catch a Wave,” makes us long for summer. We might just have to start planning our first beach party of the season.  
Catch a Wave Glass Bowl
The clean geometric designs in “Winters Day” look super contemporary. This piece has a clear glass layer on top creating a good deal of depth. Very sophisticated. 
Winters Day Glass Bowl
All we can say is "Wow!" The colors in this piece not only work well together, but will work in a wide variety of settings. It almost vibrates with energy. 
Personality Plus Bowl
A classy piece, “Creamy White Magnolia” manages to bridge old and new. Flowers might feel “old glass” to some; the colors and details here are fantastic.  
Creamy White Magnolia Bowl
Time. For. Candy. We want now. This “Bowl of Sunshine” is just that – a bright little bowl that looks good on display or as a serving dish.  
Bowl of Sunshine Bowl
The transparent ruby red in this piece caught our eye because it's so rich. It would look great on display, especially for Christmas or Valentine’s Day.  
 Ruby Red Bowl
 The hand-painted details in this vintage milk glass bowl from the 1920s or 1930s caught our eye. Now you just need some hard candies to complete the look.  
Milk Glass Bowl
OK, this is more plate than bowl, but we couldn’t resist. The green, blue and turquoise colors are exceptional. Good example of updating to contemporary colors with this décor item.
Turquoise Glass
You had us at puppy. Aw. This small bowl has your dog’s name etched into the glass. Cool and unique.  
Glass Puppy Bowl
Enjoy your week!
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Re: Handmade Glass Bowls – StylishHome’s Weekly Etsy Finds

These are in great and unique designs and prints. They are likely made of bound mix color just as this one at

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