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Architectural Salvage – StylishHome’s Weekly Etsy Finds

Great pieces of architecture have historical lines, were made with close attention to detail and their looks have survived the test of time. This week we are highlighting salvaged architectural items found on Etsy.
A highly weathered corbel with many paint layers reminds me just how many years it has been around.

White Corbel

Perhaps you are restoring a Georgian, or want to frame a grand interior entryway. A pair of classic columns will do the trick. And check out those interiors – it looks like you could store wine on your porch.

Architectural Columns

Column Interiors

How about an elevator panel for your stairway? This Art Deco piece made from solid brass has the wear marks of thousands of rides. Just imagine all the people it has seen.

Elevator Buttons

This 7-foot-tall floor mirror is a statement piece you could build a loft around. The 100-year-old wood was salvaged from a southern factory. I bet you can still smell the textiles.

7ft Floor Mirror

A matching set of white porcelain door knobs would add a classy touch to a set of French doors. Better make sure you have an elegant room to match!

White Porcelain Doorknobs

A pair of corbels is incredibly versatile. Use them to frame an entrance, support a shelf, or even as giant bookends. These take you back to a time when builders were artistic craftsmen.

Pair of Corbels

Ceiling tin takes me back to an old apartment building I used to live in with steam heat and some of these in the public areas. Not hard to imagine these in a unique home bar – martini anyone?

Black Ceiling Tin

OK, not exactly architectural, but super cool. These letterpress drawers are awesome and the seller can show you how to mount one under a desktop, giving you the desk drawer of your dreams.

Letterpress Drawer

Just look at the wear and tear on these wooden corner pieces. They’ve seen it all.

Wood Corner Pieces

These gesso molds were used to create the highly decorative gesso frames for oil paintings, moldings and decorative accents on furniture. This kind of real architectural history just makes you stop and take it all in.

Letterpress Mold

This more than 100-year-old hand-carved Gothic walnut balcony was part of a church’s choir loft in Cooperstown, NY. Only one word describes this nearly 15-foot-long piece – awesome. You could start with this piece and then build a house around it.

Walnut Balcony

These mahogany accent pieces just belong in a cool home bar or den. Dark, rich and smokey.

Mahogany Accent Pieces

You don’t see many tin roof crowns any longer but if you have a barn or tool shed this is a must-have conversation starter. When people spot this more than 100-year-old piece they can’t help but tell you about their old family farm.

Roof Tin

I don’t care if you like old ceiling tin or not, the red color in this piece is to die for. Me must have.

Red Ceiling Tin

Some shabby chic old Victorian balusters would make great accent pieces out in the garden or as décor items. I wonder how many prom dresses traveled down these stairs.

Victorian Balusters

Victorian Balusters Top

Just look at the detail work that went into this brass window lock. Now if I could just find a window that is worthy.

Brass Window Lock

I love the narrow wood trim between the glass panes. Walk through a door with one of these windows over it and you just know you are in a classic home.

Architectural Window

This large corbel is three feet tall and four feet wide at the base, and came out of a bank in the Midwest. Just imagine all the money that has passed near it. I wonder if it ever saw Bonnie and Clyde?

Large Corbel

Large Corbel Base


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Re: Architectural Salvage – StylishHome’s Weekly Etsy Finds

If you can actually check, a lot of stuff that you can also see and perhaps have interest to buy. Some of products like furniture and other home building materials are varies to choose from, from old, used, refurbished, old stock and brand new.

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