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Color Trends 2013

Just as the world around us changes, so do the colors used to express ourselves. Looking at 2013 we see steady evolution from the color forecasters. Sustainability and the environment have had ...
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Holiday Home Decoration Ideas

  We couldn’t resist putting together a little grouping of inspiring seasonal decorations for your home. Every year when we pull out our holiday ornaments we add a few new items, ...
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Halloween Home Decor

You want your seasonal decorations to be as sophisticated as the rest of your home décor and Halloween is no exception. So we’ve put together nice collection of handmade and vintage ...
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Summer Wedding Catalog

StylishHome Launches eCatalog Issue 3 – Summer Weddings with Handmade and Vintage. This 3rd eCatalog is really a “primer” that explores how handmade and vintage can make your ...
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Man Oh Man Fathers Day Finds

Fathers day is just around the corner and we thought we'd highlight some unique handmade items for that special Dad. Today's terrific collection was put together by Karen Erickson who some ...
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Drapes for your Home – a Guide and a Process

It’s funny to finally, after all these years, be buying drapes for a house. We have lived in some fantastic homes, mind you. But for some reason – whether it was the beauty ...
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Home Décor and Color Come Together

We love it when terrific home décor items come together in a color coordinated way to create inspiration and eye appeal. Take a look at this collection called "Orange ...
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Remodel or Rebuild? In many cases it’s a tough call.

In this time of underwater mortgages and people out of work, life still goes on. Families grow, needs change, and with them the requirements and desires for a home change as well. When ...
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Home Makeover Catalog

StylishHome Launches eCatalog Issue 2 – Home Makeover with Handmade and Vintage. Our 2nd eCatalog issue will help you get the New Year started with interesting and beautiful items, hand ...
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Color Trends 2012

  The world is changing significantly as we head into 2012 and the color forecasters are evolving their forecasts at an equal pace.   For several years now, the big and ...
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